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2 thoughts on “ Word To Yo Mutha

  1. Word to your mutha. Could you get Prince? Yo yo yo yo yo. I draw the line there, man. I ain't getting no rollnecked eighties goddamn asshole to be in my band. He look like a pimp, but he say he a prince. Whaddup wit dat? I think he's playing that lounge singer look. You might know something about that. Hey! I was never a lounge singer, yo.
  2. Mar 31,  · nope! i didn't want to take out the towers, just means more money i didn't need to spend, no real crazy for the look and the 67 towers would have been more work for me! this was not that much work! and 98% of the suspension is the same! i had a 65 coupe in HS with a W/headers and all that and it was a pain, if i have a header leak or whatever it will be easy .

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